Koeriena de Bruin
Orange Breasted Sunbird
Oil on Board
Image size: 20 x 25cm (Framed)

Koeriena comes from a farming background and is inspired by nature. She has travelled extensively, drawing on those experiences when she works. Through travelling, she has become aware of the fragility of nature and the importance of this delicate balance. This motivates her to create an awareness of nature and appreciation of our natural heritage.
In her spare time, Koeriena enjoys traveling off the beaten track as she pursues her passion for photography and collecting rocks, crystals and ancient artifacts.
Koeriena lives and works in the Gouna forest near Knysna.
BA Graphics – University of Stellenbosch
Diploma in Textile Design – Ruth Prowse Cape Town
Diploma in Ceramics Conservation- SA Academy of Ceramics Conservation
Diploma in Paper Conservation – SA Academy of Ceramics Conservation